Monday, 27 March 2017

What time is it? Time for you to get over yourself.

Growing up, one thing for certain that you have to know is that – sometimes you can’t always get what and who you really want.

No matter how deep your feeling is, or how you feel like “this is it!” or you just feel so damn right being with someone you thought you gonna spend your lifetime with, but when reality strikes – nothing is going to happen on both of you. Being together for a lifetime? Oh no, not even close. Instead, you feel like shit (maybe even more) and both of you shifted away from each other. Things are just not going to the way you’ve always expected. It’s as simple, and as complicated as that.

My advice is..

Just get over yourself. Splash some water on your face, do some jumping jacks, sleep for a few hundred hours, lose a lot of pounds and be gorgeous and fit. Put on your favourite lipstick, buy new clothes, watch cinema. Pray harder, and just..get over yourself.

You got your own back.

In between all of the storms, don’t forget to smile, someone out there loves to see how sweet your smile is!

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