Sunday, 25 May 2014

Love Story

Listen to me
A little girl story

I’m a girl besieged by insecurities
Used to waffles alone
Always vacillate about nonsense things
Worrying even the smallest thing

I care a lot about what other people say
About my contra colour of blouse and shawl
About the way I talk to people
About the way I sit in train
About the way I eat kfc chicken in front of any guys

I will shrink shyly when my friends talk about romance things
They will look at me and give me what-wrong-with-you looks
I will smile like a wacky every time I look at mirror
Pretending that there is some other guy are watching you far
And you saw him from the reflection of the mirror
Mindless girl

I went to an ice cream café
Yeah I know many couples would be there
Dear me, bear with it for a moment
Then, I saw a perfect couple
Which means both girl and boy are so good looking

Something were just not right between them
The air around them is heavy and gloomy
Suffocate everyone who looks at them
I pick my ice cream flavour at the same time glance at them
The café staff looks at me and smirk
“It’s completely normal you know”
Heh. Sibuk je.

Ahh, they are fight over something
The girl pointed at the guy phone
And the guy asking the girl to stop
What a waste
I mean hello both of them are pretty
No, I mean the guy is soooo stunning
“Kalau dapat kat aku, aku timang dia tinggi-tinggi”
My thought

I pay my ice-cream and walk out
Dreaming if I ever meet someone like that


I bumped into something/someone
I don’t know what, but it is a strong figure
Later on, I realize my ice cream already smeared on my face

“God, I’m so sorry”

A man voice with guilty tone
The ice cream already filled my eyes and I can’t open them
But I need to open it no matter what haha
I’m in the middle of people’s walkway

“Hey don’t open your eyes!”

I feel a soft surface wiping my face
I try to open my eyes
I close my eyes back
I’m facing the sun rays now
But, a hand tries to block the sun rays from radiate my face
I open back my eyes and


“Hey, feeling better?”
I froze in my position, stilted
He waved me
He chuckles
“Let me treat you another ice-cream”

Later on, I found myself in the previous café
Chatting with him
A very good looking, nice hearted man
Who acknowledge the insecure me

Well, for now


NeSLo_Ais^^ said...

True2.. in love story itu la yg akan jd tp realitinye.. gi la berpuluh kali pn kdai eskrim tu.. kalo terlanggar pn wat bodo je... haha man nowadays...

Luqman Burhan said...

Untung lah makan ice cream Hahahax.. Okay kidding ice cream at mid jom..

AiraEzaira said...

comel.. tapi realitinya..

lelaki tu maki perempuan tu. eh! haha

Niza said...