Saturday, 20 July 2013

Good morning, love.

Dear love,
Today, I woke up early. I didn't get enough sleep thinking that heyyy I'm finally single. For real, for good. I should be happy right? I mean, this is what I want and thank you for letting me go.
We argue everyday just about anything and everything. And I guess we are both just tired trying to work things out. Yup, I gave up on us. I just don't think that I can love you like I used to and we're gonna be happy like those days.
I think I've made the right decision, for both of us. You're that kind of man who doesnt open your mind before you open your mouth. You hurt me with your words. And when you are out of your mind, I'll get bruises. You even judge about my family and say bad things. So you're a jerk, a douche. I'm not a good girlfriend either, I was a bit or extra friendly to a couple of guys. I mean they keep coming and you keep on hurting.
I got sick almost everyday thinking bout us. Stress, headaches and I feel like wasting my time. I can no longer wait for you to change or to accept what I can't change. I guess, the cure is to be single.
Dear love,
Today, I woke up with regrets. Although you hurt me soooo baddd. But deep down I do love you. We've been through a lot. You know me inside out, very well. I'm your baby but what happened to us?
But I'll just keep walking away cause you gave up on us too.


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