Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Different Symmetry.

Admit it, there is a bigger and wider definition of love as we grow older. Even marriage suffers from constant turbulence and stuffs, and it needs more than love itself to hold on. It's a tiny string between two hearts that connect couples, and it varies from love to trust, to tolerance.

When you're seven, love means sharing your toys and playing together underneath blanket forts. When you're fifteen, being in love means sacrificing your sleep to call and text with him/her. Being in the same study group and class is a big deal too. Imagining both of you furthering your studies together, get married and have kids were easy. Heaven on Earth, cloud nine. And break-ups were a lot tougher too, and hard to handle. 

But after that, a whole new world meets you, gives you a pair of brand new eyes. You begin to realise that there are more to life to care about. And time is very valuable, attention and care could not be given as free as it used to be. Love now means that you will put enough effort to present him/her with a stable future, more serious, more realistic. The feeling is there, the hope is there, just the interpretation and justification of pouring your heart out is slightly different.

Why do you love her?
Because she's pretty? Time will eat her skin and tiny wrinkles will appears. Because he's such a good-looking chap? Baby, that six-packs ain't gonna last. 

Is it because of money?
Because he/she gave you things, diamond and rings? Well, are you sure those things will guarantee a life-worth of love and affection? They said money cannot buy you happiness. 

Why do you love each other? 
Because of the time you've spent together? Surely you will learn in time that commitment is more than that. You will get bored of each other, you will become annoying, ugly, and sick, and you'll run out of time to share with your partner.

Why? Because the world wouldn't stop even if you're in love. Time wouldn't be so kind to be on your side, and sometimes, when you love someone so much, it hurts. Arguments will arise, and mistakes will be done. It seems like the whole world conspire together to break you loose, everything is wrong when it supposed to be right.

And that's when love take it's place. To mend what has broken back, to make cloudy situation becomes clearer. To stay when you can leave, to always forgive and let go of the " what-ifs " .To tolerate weakness and substitute them with flowers. To accept the devil and perceive them as angels.

We all need some space to breathe, a life to live. Love and relationship doesn't mean a never-ending conversation, or endless meet-ups and whatnot. When you love someone, you want to share your world with them, cut it in half, present it on a gold platter. You want to watch them grow, to be there for them and to support them. Not to put them in a cage of too little trust and too much affections. Too much love equals to suffocation.

It's a form of art to love someone by making them feeling free. A kind of trust to let them go and believing that they will come back to you. An amount of affection strong enough to make your lover feel the heat, but subtle, gentle and kind just so they won't get burnt.

A different symmetry.

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Admin said...

so true..i guess im still at that stage where looking for love is looking for a handsome or macho partner. but i've always known thats not how it's going to work. things do not work out that way, and besides, appearance lies. sometimes if i wanna figure out whether my feelings for someone is real, i will imagine him with different face. turns out i'm not really into him. haha.