Friday, 5 September 2014

The Reason.

The most disturbing thing in my head since I can even remember would probably be you; but it is also the most enjoyable thing as well. I hate the fact that you are still there, lingering around my other thoughts; but it somehow soothes and calms me whenever I'm undone. 

Call me evil, call me ruthless. I have someone that I should think of more frequently than you but then, you win. You make me think of one damn possible reason of why you leave me hanging. Why doesn't you say a word of goodbye? Am I not good enough? Is it because you don't want to see me break down? Is it because I'm somewhere there in the tiniest space of your heart? Is it because you care of my feelings if you left?

And most importantly; why you even came into my life and flew away with the wind.

I've learn a lesson. We can never expect how a person's presence could affect our emotion terribly, for eternity. Thanks to you, because even when you've left, I can never discard you from my head and from my heart because of one goddamn reason. I'll keep on searching for the reason. Forever.

I guess with you, God gives me one temporary moment in my life for me to feel the sweetest love and adoration, and in return, we can't be together. God's call.

Just so you know, I cant even describe you with just a word. You're my once upon a time, but my hardest goodbye. My biggest failure, and my sweetest memory. 

Kisses, -SA

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'aqilah said...

Been there before. I feel you, sis. *pats on the back*